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Twitter Hashtags List

Page history last edited by Anita Hamilton 14 years ago

This page was created by Claire Jones


This is as a resource for OTs who may be wondering how to use hashtags on Twitter to search for useful information, inspired by a blog post by Anita.


Hashtags are attached to Tweets by individuals- people may use alternative tags to those listed here or may choose to not attach hashtags. However, the benefit of Twitter is that when these links are ReTweeted, hashtags may be attached (as long as we stay within 140 characters), therefore Tweets and links will be recycled and may become more easily searchable.


Programs such as Tweetdeck can be used on your PC, and may allow you to keep open a feed for items labelled with hashtags which interest you.


The hashtag system is essentially fluid, so it is important that all members feel able to contribute to this page with interesting hashtags they feel are of interest to other OTs.


Additional Information 
Occupational Therapy, Old Testament Tweets relating both to Occ Ther and Old Testament will appear if you search for this hashtag- to seperate them you could block everybody Tweeting about Old Testament, but this is an imperfect and time rich investment, probably not worth it.
Online Technology for Occupational Therapy  Tweets relating to the group OT4OT or about online technology that occupational therapists may be interested in seeing.
College of Occupational Therapy Conference 2010
Twitterstream of conference- including information about presentations and offering a route for those elsewhere to pose questions for presenters.
mental health
Any Tweets relating to mental health. Not exclusive to OT.
Any Tweets relating to disability. Not exclusive to OT.
TV disability
Any Tweets relating to TV programs about disability. Not exclusive to OT.
#NHS, #nhs
National Health Service (UK)
Tweets about the NHS. Useful for people working in the UK. Not exclusive to OT.
#healthwhitepaper, #nhswhitepaper
"Liberating the NHS" White Paper published July 2010
Tweets regarding the health White Paper- interesting for people working in the UK. Not exclusive to OT.




Comments (4)

Anita Hamilton said

at 9:54 am on Jul 14, 2010

Thanks Claire! If anyone wants to add to this page please do! You can also leave information about hashtags down at the bottom of the page, here in the "Comments" section, and we can add them for you.

Nils Erik Ness said

at 12:23 pm on Jul 15, 2010

I think this is an important discussion since we are in the early stages of using media like Twitter for OTs. The hashtag discussion (or conclusion) will able or disable new users. It might be a bit confusing to find all the quotes on Old Testament when using #OT. Another issue is language - we probably have to accept that we mostly use English. But shal we also use English hashtags when we are writing other languages? I would support to use #OT4OT instead of #OT. This makes it all clearer. Eventually we might use hashtags like #e-ot (#eot seems to be occupied)

Karen Jacobs said

at 8:21 am on Jul 16, 2010

Nils, thank you for your comments. I, too, support the use of #OT4OT.

Nils Erik Ness said

at 6:57 am on Jul 20, 2010

I suggest to use #WFOT for issues related to international OT, especially the World Federation of Occupatiopnal Therapsts. This subject is a bit different that Online Technology, but may also overlap

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